Why Making A Game Takes the Fun Out of It (and how to fix this)

I think, this is a very useful article about what it takes to create a game.

Good article. I agree with it.

You still can develop a game even without programming skills … buy a game with a level editor … create new levels … it will be hard enough.

As far as I know there is a large modder community for a lot of games out there … give that a try.

I think,

That we as coders, may be able to take some pressure of the artist,

I have a few things that seem to consistently simplify some game elements for me.

One is a mouse system i have made, that sets properties in a target object,

it is invaluable to have

I purpose we get a mouse mode like that set in the actuator,
moving the mouse , sets a property x and y, that the user can,scale and adjust ect.

with this property you can use




the new mouse actuator is nice, but once you turn it off and say trackTo(target), when you rengage it you must first center the rotation again, needing python
you loose your base orientation

second, I think,we need a animatable base rig that is free,

like a really nice makehuman rig, with locomotion and animation controls
linked to velocity, so shoving it around will animate running etc, so you can dump a steering actuator in it, animate it and dress it up, and pop out games.

A good article.
I think lots of people get stuck on the idea of making “my big game” and work on it for years.
I read a blog the other day by a guy making a roguelike for 20 years! He keeps making parts and scrapping them, going back to the drawing board, adding and adding to his to-do list, changing programming languages, etc…

IMHO it’s good to make a lot of small, simple games at first. If it doesn’t work out, just drop it and move on to the next one. If it works well, take on board what you’ve learned and any player feedback and take it forward to your next project. I’ve found it’s not that hard to make a good game in a week or two, but really difficult to make a game in two years.

When you’ve got a few good games under your belt, and you feel comfortable doing all the things required to make a game it might be a good time to start work on your magnum opus.

On the other hand I rarely take even my own advice…

Most that do want to make there big one probably have come to that same realization themselves “Smoking_mirror” but very few want to make a simple game for the sake of making it. They see now challenge. That is until you do it. I’ve gotten stuck more times then I can count trying to do just that, make a simple game. I can’t find good up-to-date videos or wikis. For instants there are 4 Actuator I have no idea how to use. the blender wiki has a blank where they are.
I know And
I know Or
I know python
but the last 4