Why memory error while rendering my terrain model?

I am trying to render a displacement map in cycles. I want the output to be 5400x7200 pixels. While rendering at 100% I am always getting an 'Out of memory error. What is wrong with my model?

I have Nvidia GTX 1650 and 8GB RAM as system configuration.

I have posted a detail on the issue and also attached my blend file which I am rendering. It is available in


Any advices here or in stackexchange will really helpful.

Thank you

simple math:
5400 px * 7200 px = 38880000 px
3.888 megapixels * 3 byet (rgb) = 116 million byet = 111 GB
(* 4 byte ig rgba,* 6 byte if 16bit per rgb chanel ,*8 byte if 16 rgba)

swapping to disk will increase rendertime… if you do in in eevvee i would gues its far too big from the start because it’s more meant for realtime…