Why might diffuse colorings for an object not appear in Texture mode?

Somehow one my objects is not being colored with the diffuse hues of its materials when the 3d view shading mode is set to Texture. Yet it is showing the proper coloration in Solid and Render modes. I have a second object, originally duplicated from and with the same material settings as the first, that IS being properly colored in all three shading modes.

The artifact persists if I save, close and reopen the file. The artifact is also transferred to new duplicates of the affected object. I A/B compared the properties of my two objects but could find no relevant setting differing between them that might be to blame.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?


Properties panel -> shading: GLSL

Switching to GLSL Material mode in the shading properties panel indeed fixed the problem but by checking the Textured-Solid option in the shading properties I could make the bug appear in that mode as well.

I’ve found that the bug is present in two cases:

  1. MaterialMode=Multitexture and ShadingMode=Textured (TexturedSolidOption is N/A)
  2. ShadingMode=Solid and TexturedSolidOption=checked (changing MaterialMode has no effect)

In the offending object I created an independent face from scratch and it also exhibited the buggy behavior. I also removed all materials from the object and assigned it newly created ones, yet the bug persisted. Therefore I suspect there is some single property on the object that is causing this behavior. Anyone know what might be causing this?