Why mono colored icons for blender 2.8?

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Here you are, download with context menu RMB > Save image as …


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Thank you!

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Similar thread for Solidworks when they went kinda monochrome:

I’m with Antaioz on this one. Although I may get used to it, when I’m looking for the world icon I’m spending time interpreting the shape, which takes longer than looking for a color (in the same area). With things moved in 2.80, I’m finding myself constantly ctrl+scrolling in those icons.

Mono looks cleaner, less cluttered. But to me it doesn’t improve anything efficiency wise, quite the opposite - recognizing color is faster than recognizing shape.

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Yeah, following trends without real benefits is a weakness. Flat/mono is a curse.

Blender went hard to use. :v:

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Have you Seen Office 365?
The same Problem: Not readable.

I do Not understand this behaviour to want this monochrom soup so hard.

Is it possible to scale only the icons bigger?

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I guess not, unless you hack the source code and compile it yourself. :v:

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It’s as laughable as you wanting others to invest their time and money in doing what you want. Your points come across as entitlement, as do @Antaioz’s, not because you’re wrong or right, but because you’re not willing to get involved.

@jendrzych is a go-getter, he’s delivering work and causing change. And this is coming from me who also prefer the old icon style.

(Emphasis mine)
Why do they need to hear anything?
Stop writing text.
Show them. Make a mockup of what you think would look better.
Armchair criticism is not gonna have any impact.

This is open-source development. Since we’re in a hierarchy and have no stock / leverage in this decision, the best thing we can do is submit constructive criticism and move on.

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I cannot “get involved”, because the decisions are not up to me. The most I can do, and am doing, is bringing these issues to light.

So, what are you saying here? Should devs not listen to feedback pointing out significant usability issues in their design?

The old icon sheet.

This is what I’m doing. What anyone who understands is doing. Offering the constructive criticism and feedback on the new icon style.
I’m not going to sit here however and let someone attempt to nullify criticisms with flimsy arguments and opinionated aesthetic driven responses that are false, irrelevant, or merely points about how I or someone else “comes across”. So I shall continue to rebuttal such comments.

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:notes:…I’ve been dreading the flatness of you and me, x and y, never revolving into xyz… would it kill you to let me right click select - or not use mono coloured icons… :bomb: it’s Blender… cg experts are never in short supply…:notes:

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This is a good question. I know setting a layout item’s scale_x and scale_y attributes in pre 2.8 will not affect the size of icons used inside it. Are icons still restricted to a fixed global scale in any given panel layout?

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maybe it’s a compromise to be able to use monochrome icons at all.
otherwise you can only orient yourself with tooltips.

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@Antaioz is correct, monochrome is objectively harder to distinguish than icons with shape AND hue differences. This is, indeed, a fact that one can’t argue around because one prefers the monochrome style.

With that said, it’s pointless arguing about it because @jendrzych has already made his decision. He wants to make monochrome icons. That wasn’t the spec given to him from BF, that is his personal desire and he isn’t beholden to anyone on the matter - it’s volunteer work, no pay. BF isn’t willing to spend money getting the icons made, no-one else is providing an alternate set, and (from experience) the more you argue with BF about the UI decisions in public, the more stubbornly they stick to their current decisions. Remember Ton trolling people about right-click select at the Blender Conference after Andrew Price’s UI commentary went viral? Yeah, the way things are going, I expect to hear about “monochrome icons” at next year’s.

Seriously, there is no point to arguing it any longer. The person making the icons has his view, is doing what he wants (as he should, not being paid & all), and the BF isn’t going to go out and pay someone for a job that they’re getting done gratis. The practical argument, such as it is, has been lost regardless of being correct on the facts.

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Yes, it is very easy to spend a minute doing some google searches to prove some point or other.

What is needed is for someone to make a complete icon set (about 500 of them) in some consistent style that you propose to be an improvement. So far I have heard of nobody volunteering to do that.

Slightly easier would be to take the old set, move the icons into the new locations and create the new icons in the style of the old ones. Also haven’t seen a lineup to do that either.

What I think could actually happen…

Blender 2.80 is released with the new set, because that is all the work that can be done on this before release.

Later we will get the ability to swap out the icon sheet with another, but that will give some limited utility. Basically some people will hand-color some of the new icons in some pleasing way but they will only work with one particular theme. So anyone wanting a new theme, like a light color, with non-white icons will have to then color all the icons to match. But if you like the new light theme but don’t like the light theme color icons you will be out of luck.

Next someone will realize that the new icons are being drawn using any single color by using the intensity of all (or just one) of the color channels. So an icon can be drawn in orange by remapping the intensity to levels of orange. Since all the new icons are white, that code can be changed so that it uses only the red channel. At that point everything looks the same; no harm done.

Then you do a search and replace in the SVG source file for all occurrences of “#fffffff” and replace them with “#ff0000”. Now all the new icons are in shades of red. Again, no change and no harm done as they still display in white or whatever color just as they did before.

Now you can change just some icon parts to either green or blue depending on some plan.

And then the icon-drawing code is changed so that it draws different colors using each of the PNG color channels. So now each icon can be up to three colors and those colors are all easily changed by the theme.

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Yeah, I really like that idea too. Think I said so the first time you mentioned it. :wink:

Also aware that my patch (it is coming, life is just kicking me around a bit) is only the first step and that it won’t fix things unless/until someone comes along to do a new sheet. It also won’t get in the way of an eventual implementation of your idea (but I honestly don’t see that happening without @brecht or similar saying it would be accepted beforehand or doing it themselves. It’s A LOT of work for something that BF may or may not decide is worth merging.

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I am sure you realized, but just in case…

My post above was in reply to Geographic’s post (just a bunch of images of icons without any comments), and not to yours in particular. Just worried because my post could be read that way when that wasn’t the intention.

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I agree with this 100%. It’s one thing to (hopefully respectfully) provide an opinion/critique/concern. I think that’s a healthy part of any project to make sure work isn’t being done in an echo chamber. However, repeatedly trying to beat everyone into logical submission will gain you nothing. You’re just going to end up coming off as a jerk and causing those doing the work to feel defensive, rather than receptive.

As someone who was an insurance salesman for many years, I can tell you with certainty that people will put up a brick wall when you come at them too vigorously, no matter how beneficial or logical your point is.

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Nah mate, I got it. Didn’t think your post was at all about mine, but I did want to respond to the content in yours. I think the idea is fantastic and kind of wish that there was some love for it in BF (would have meant less work for me).

Wouldn’t have responded except I really feel that it needs to be mentioned that patches like that take too much work to be done outside the BF or without a nod to their inclusion later first. Blender UI patches have a bad habit, in my experience, of dying on the vine when the BF isn’t interested in them :frowning:

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This is the biggest reason I don’t think anyone is going to even be willing to try and port the old icons or make a new sheet unless the BF admits the new icons are subpar, and they might be willing to accept a different sheet, or the old one if updated.

Everyone keeps saying “well make it yourself”, but I sure as hell aren’t working in a program I’ve never used before, in a format that will take me days if not weeks to learn, moving icons around without a proper location guide, when in all honesty right now I believe the BF would completely ignore it because they’re too busy hailing the monochrome bull.