Why must video editing be so difficult in linux?

Seriously, I can’t find any good programs for straight up final cut pro like video editing. I want to be able to import a film, any avi format, and then be able to edit the video and audio tracks, with perhaps some simple audio editing like raising the volume or what not. I know blender has a video sequencer, but I haven’t been able to get sound working in it, nor do I find it very intuitive. I love linux, but does anyone else agree that doing anything other than converting video is a real chore?

Have you tried Jahshaka? It’s supposed to be good.

I think there might be a few almost-top-notch ones.
Try searching “video editor” in www.google.com/linux

I use Cinelerra. It is pretty hard to use but it’s pretty capable. It’s not so bad if you know how to use the old versions of Avid.

I’ll keep an eye on this thread. I’m actually a professional video editor (I use Windows at work, but Linux at home.) I have to go to work now!

You can make movies in Blender with sound.

In the render buttons (F10) change the image output from jpeg to Ffmpeg. Two tabs then pop up, one video and the other audio. In the Video tab change to AVI and MPeg4dvx codec. Then in the audio press the multiplex button. The press do sequence button and render as per usual.

Iḿ assuming before you do this, that you first set up movie and audio in sequence editor . BTW when you add your audio wav file to the sequence editor via shift+a, choose audio(ram).

Still experimenting, but this is what has worked for me so far.:smiley:

Well I’m checking out Jahshaka, looks interesting, I’ll have to play around with it before I can conclude whether or not I like it. I’ve used cinelerra, and it works, although for me it’s not very intuitive, and difficult to use. Blender’s video editor is pretty good for simple stuff, even with the sound, it still needs som work in my opinion.

I think you are asking for too much.
Final cut is a commercial product, designed and built by apple to run on a mac.
as far as I know, there is no commercial product, for linux.
I don’t think you can expect to get something as developed as final cut for free.
not to say that free software is not capable, I use blender for work and run ubuntu at home, but when I edit video at work, I use a very expensive Avid.
just my 2 cents.

i dont know, im not a pro video editor, but blender sequencer is quite intuitive for me and does everything that i need, i just miss a proper integration with node editor, but seems that it isnt on the design yet.

There’s MainActor

Just create multiple node scenes and add them to the sequencer, it works great. :slight_smile:

MainActor, I used that, the demo version that comes with some Linux distro with the water mark, very easy to use with very nice results. That is something I want to get get in the future.

Meantime, I still think the Ffmpeg that comes with Blender 2.42a is pretty good.

Video Editing programs:
Theres a few more but I cant remember their names off the top of my head.