Why my .blend file won't render?

I don’t understand, the scene could hardly be any simpler. It’s a black vertical plane, and a long horizontal blue rectangle in front (a PNG imported as a plane, animated).
Yet, the blue rectangle won’t show when rendering.
Needless to say I have checked every setting I can think of, but obviously I am missing something.
I have tried both Eevee and Cycles.

I would REALLY appreciate it if someone would inspect the .blend file and demystify this issue.

Thanks in advance guys! :slight_smile:

Screenshot from 2020-03-04 21-03-32

renderproblem.blend (683.1 KB)

It works in Eevee for me. Everything works fine and as normal as far as I can tell.

In Cycles, however, there is no light reaching the line so it remains black. You have a background but it is black so the line does not get illuminated. There are no lights in the scene either. To fix this in Cycles, you either need to add a light, or make the blue line have emission (either with the emission input in the principled node, or use the dedicated emission shader).

I went and tried to figure out what went wrong with the background in Cycles, but am not sure what was causing it to be black even if it is supposed to be white and have a brightness of 1.

Thank you unyxium, I appreciate your time to test my file.
I finally caught with the culprit! It was not Blender, nor me. It was a new indicator I installed 2 days ago in my new Linux OS (Pop! OS). Among the various shortcuts it has, it also uses Ctrl F12, which is the same shortcut to render an animation! Go figure!
So since I cannot change the indicator’s shortcut, I just use the mouse to select “Render Animation” from the Blender menu. Oh well!


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