Why my BlenderNation AdNet requests don't replied?

Hi, BlenderNation and BlenderArtist Team.

I posted required informations on June 22 (Monday) and re-posted on June 25 and I am still waiting a reply (today Sunday). Why this happen? Is it too hard and time consuming give a ad on BlenderNation and BlenderArtist like this?

I will post my ad, you will give me a payment information, I will pay and you will add my ad. Why do I have to deal and wait so long and how long do I have to wait more? This does not end even in a month with this speed.

I am waiting a reply, please.

Best regards, Thanks.

I am on vacation this week. I’ll try to get to it ASAP.

Thanks for reply.

Maybe it would be better if you let us (BlenderNation and BlenderArtist users) know when you go on vacation. (“Announce: Admin will go to vacation on this periods” etc.)

This will prevent communication problems.