Why my cube won't animate rotating by the 3d cursor Pivot center?

Sorry I didn’t use more frames per GIF animation.
But I hope you can see

This is how I intended it to be like:

And this is how it does turn out:

What I’m doing is creating both Rot and Loc keyframes for the first frame, then move in the Timeline 20 frames ahead, then rotate the cube by the 3d cursor Pivot center, and create Rot and Loc keyframes again.
What am I missing?
Should you want to inspect the .blend file please feel free to do so.
Thanks in advance,


anim-test.blend (458.9 KB)

place a parent object at the cursor instead (a empty?) and rotate it.

also checkout linear vs exponential vs ease key interpolation types

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That did it!
Thank you ever so much BPR :slight_smile:

I’ll look into the diff interpolation types, thanks


You’re just keying the two positions/rotations and blender interpolates between them. It doesn’t matter how you got the cube there - you can move it first and then rotate it 180 degrees and the result will be the same.