Why my Grease Pencil Scatter is not working?

I found this vid tutorial showing how to use it with Blender 2.59.
I basically followed every step (captured in animation below), yet all I get is a my original group of 3 with each of the items placed in the same coordinates and with a larger size.


Could it have anything to do with using a diff Blender version? Or am I missing a step?

Thanks guys,


This tool used to work on a mesh corners, like if you had pathway and a vertical wall, then you could draw line in a corner where you wanted garbage to be.

Wow! You are right! I just added an intersecting wall perpendicular to the plane, added the grease pencil line near the intersection and VOILA!
I must say though, it sucks for this to be this limited. I mean, having this requirement is rather silly! But I guess is better than nothing!