Why my object's seam is like this?

Hello Guys… I am new here and i don’t know much about this community, so i am sorry if there is inappropriate and rude word in my question.

I have object (beer mug), that i have been modelling it, but there is a problem about it like this

When i marked seam and make model of it, it has visible seam shown like in this picture, and there also a problem about the top part of beer mug. What i want to ask is how can i fix this?

Here is my blender file https://pasteall.org/blend/e2bce98e7f4945cc816c35399ca4cacb


The problem is with messy topology: there are some vertices inside and edges going through the model where handle connects to the mug. Some can be seen from the outside, but you can see them with X-Ray.


Delete these manually and then Clean Up > Delete Loose to get rid of possible unconnected vertices/edges.

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I have delete the underneath vertices, but after that, the handle become like this

I have tried to add Edge Loop for make the shading looks smooth, but the handle just become like in this process

There are extra edges there that should be removed (see second screenshot I attached). You can even see it in Object Mode: a black line going through the handle (edges that do not form faces are rendered as black lines)

Is this Edge that you are talking about? i checked again and found this one

Errrr, it’s hard to tell from that image. They are marked as seams, so look for red edges.

Here, I moved it to see a bit better. I was wrong though, these are not just edges but a very thin faces. Find them and delete and that should make things better.

I wonder why the edge can be hidden even from Remove Double, usually when vertices is doubled, they can be removed using it

They do not appear to be “doubles”.

If I understand correctly, Remove Double is what is now called Merge by Distance. It removes/merges vertices that are close to each other.

And these are nowhere close to each other, not really. They don’t overlap at all.

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Sorry for late reply, i have delete the edge, here is the process

Also, i want to ask you about top part of beer mug, i bridge the gap between two face at the top, but the result that i get is this

How to fix the face into full perfect face?

Well, unfortunately, you can’t just bridge it. I don’t think there’s any graceful solution for this :thinking:
It might be easier to just redo the whole top part - remove it and extrude again.

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Oh ok… Thanks for your help