Why no mousepad?

I would absolutely love to have a Blender mousepad. Canonical makes an Ubuntu mousepad that is cut to the shape of their logo. Why can’t we have a sweet Blender mousepad cut to the shape of the Blender logo? It would be a great way to represent. And while we’re on the subject of representing, I would like to see a Blender T-shirt too (not just the BBB one).

I would think that the Blender Foundation could earn a good deal of money with merchandise like that.

The e-shop has an email address (it is at the bottom of the e-shop page). You could email and ask if they would consider selling Mouse pads. As for Blender Logo T-shirts. They have sold them in the past. There was a thread about it not to long ago, which is here: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=113147

Read post #8, in that thread.

i dont think a blender mousepad would be that pratical however asquare mousepad with the blender logo would be awsome

great idea …except these days everyone uses optical or laser mice and mouse pads often make them work worse rather than better…

I use the arm of my chair as a mousepad… I’m very laid back in a big chair ;).

Maybe we could get Blender branded luxury soft furnishings? :smiley:

I’d rather see baby clothes and children clothes with Blender logos and stuff like that :slight_smile:


How about a Blender logo 3-Button Track ball?

Okay, ergonomically not a good idea.

Why not actual blenders with the Blender logo on them? Watch out, Blendtec.

I’d love them to sell a proper 3 button mouse. No roller wheel. I’m sure I’m not the only one who dislikes a roller wheel when using 3D apps.

Okay, what about a true 3-button mouse with 3 scroll wheels (side to side and up and down scrolling + zoom)?

I would definitely go for the whole Blender blender idea too, though.

And to those naysayers of the mousepad, let me say that a Blender logo mousepad is at least as useful as a Blender logo key lanyard (for sale right now at the e-shop).

I want a Blender mousepad! I don’t care if it’s square or shaped like the logo, even though the logo-shaped design may be something to brag about if I could get a hold of it.:yes: