Why not a forum topic for VFX?


Blender is a fantastic tool, but most believe it’s just for 3d modeling.
We also have compositing, camera tracking and video editing in there.

So, could it be possible to not just have a QA section for compositing, but also a place to show of the result? Will not be correct to put it as “ArtWork” I believe.

I attach a very short sample of what I mean.

Feedback about a new section/topic?

I don’t see why these forums are not sufficient for posting any VFX work

Where do you suggest woul be the correct place for such postings, then?

I’m wondering why there aren’t some support forums for specific game engines other than the BGE, like UE4 and Unity etc. I wouldn’t mind a place to share asset creation techniques, workflows and other Blender specific things (like rigs). “Other software” is too broad and the official forums are even broader.

I agree with the poster, to have some more forums, following a bit more blenders screen layouts might be nice.
To add video, motion tracking, uv editing/ subjects that currently fall under other subjects and its not always that clear under which.
Also agree with Cyaoeu

Yes I like VFX, i vote for because that would be great to share some idea from user and to show a touch of art. I would like too for topic as way on Focus in concept art where to discuss more how to make creation of perspective view.

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I think we need a FX area, for showcasing particle effects, and tests that are production quality

IE - Technical Art.

like this = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlzTRhdllxA

or this

We have a forum for tests. It doesn’t matter if they’re “production quality”. They’re tests or they’re not tests.

Incidentally, this thread is not the place for showing tests.