Why not collaborate with Sony to publish BBB and Apricot on the PlayStation Network?

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We all know that Sony is struggling to find quality content to publish on their PlayStation Network “PSN” which is used by owners of the PS3 all around the world.

In this network, PS3 users can download full games (free or purchase), demos, videos, movies, trailers and a handful of other types of content.

Blender Foundation should collaborate with Sony to publish both Big Buck Bunny and Apricot on the PS3. I think Sony would be more than happy to be able to publish such high quality content that is royalty free on their network. It would be very nice, especially for Apricot because it will show developers around the world that Blender is capable of making high quality games for consoles.

Do you think Blender Foundation should push for such collaboration?

To show off Blender or to please the PS3 fanboys?

Why not do it for the Xbox 360 and the WII as well if they are to do that, that would give BBB and the Apricot game a wider audience.

Why not? it’s also going to be good on the Xbox360 :slight_smile:
but does the Wii have such a network?

A tricky thing this…

There would be a vast amount of work to get Apricot working on PS3 (like as much as the whole project again)

Sony submission is pretty tough, PSN is no different.

Apricot doesn’t seem like it’s really a “product”, rather a tool chain with a demo level, lets face it the creative centre of the product is about proving blender and CS as being viable for games dev, If it were a real game it wouldn’t get financing or a publisher without a stronger focus and pre awareness of the “hooks” in the content…

Proving blender and cs as a viable PS3 development platform would be v.cool, but would inevitably have non free closed source elements from Sony and be incompatible with the GPL, so probably not something the BF would touch either

Yeah! But you gaotta throw in Nintendo. SOny and Nintendo rock! BUt Microsoft… Fine Microsoft too. (For your info Microsoft Xbox)

That fact that PS3 graphics development is totally based on OpenGL may make the porting process a little bit easier (especially with the support of the Sony Development Support organization)

to use a verb, verb, just do it, send it in. You can, you know. it is open content. You can publish it, promote it, broadcast it, whatever. do it. don’t think the BF should do it for you. do it.

Instead of us going to them, I think they should come to us.


They don’t usually do that :slight_smile:
It’s not really about going to them etc… you just need to notify them that you have potential quality content.

Maybe ask Erwin Coumans (Bullet developer). He works at Sony PS3 division.
But yeah, all consoles should have Apricot, or there own adaptation of it as a playable demo/ freebee game packaged with the console.

My understanding (although I’m no expert, so I could be wrong) is that typically there are NDA agreements regarding console-specific code. So unless Sony (or Microsoft, or Nintendo…) is willing to waive that, Apricot could not legally be on their consoles, because the GPL dictates that all the code stay open.

EDIT: this presumes, of course, that the Apricot project is dedicated to staying open. Which I think is a reasonable assumption.

couldn’t you run apricot on Linux on the ps3?

Nice idea, but you won’t be able to use (L)GPL licensed software on consoles.

It is better to use open source ZLib, MIT or BSD license, those are compatible with proprietary consoles such as PS3, 360 etc. So I recommend changing the license for Crystal Space, or the game engine you plan to use for consoles.
Bullet physics library is available under the Zlib license and being used in several games on Playstation 3, XBox 360. Some parts of Bullet are used in GTA IV, although it is confidential which parts (they mentioned me in the credits)
So if you really want to have your open source game on consoles, use a game engine under the Zlib,MIT,BSD license in your next project.
Hope this helps,

wouldn’t Crystal Space have to be rewritten especially for the Cell processor?

I heard that it is extremely tricky to programme for that system, but that is just what I heard/read…

Can we license the binaries ,that are actually distributed, under a license that is compatible with proprietary consoles while the source code itself is LGPL?
An example of this is Firefox. Mozilla releases the source code under GPL and other open source licenses but the binaries that Mozilla distributes are covered by an EULA.

It would be a great idea with one horrible dagger cut - how can the BGE set ps3 consol controlls to the game? good idea though :cool:

Legal issues GPL it is not compatible with PS3/PSN laws, they will get money even if you put it free and they will not pay anything back!

PSN will ask for full right of the product like all publishers and SONY like MICROSOFT don`t like the idea of free content

I get the feeling that Apricot might be a fair bit of effort to put onto a console as has been stated by many.

The BBB idea though - should be a whole lot simpler. I have access to a Wii out of the three though and their two main networks for this sort of thing are to distribute old games from previous consoles and new games from indie/smaller developers. The closest thing to a media channel is things like the ‘Nintendo’ channel, which is basically just ads, interviews and trailers. If I had access to a Xbox 360 or PS3 then I would look into it. But I don’t.

it wont happen. blender is not going to pay sony thousands to put it on the ps3. the ps3 will also not disclose their audio codecs for the eps3, thats why you can have ut3 mods with custome sounds. sony says they must disclose their drm controls to enable people to put sound on the ps3.
apricot could probably be done for xbox. you dont even need an xbox, you just need xna for the pc and a 360 controler. you program it for xna and it’s just a matter of compiling the same code to get a pc game or a 360 game. xna does use C# i’m not sure how hard it would be to convert c++ into c#. for python there is already a c# version called iron python. if you have svisual studio you might even be able to complie the code into mfc which vs would convert into C#. but i dont see ms getting involved. they would rather push xna than the bge. they also want to push vs more than python, and for modeling i think they push autodesk products because they only run on windows, meaning you have to buy windows.