Why Not?

Seen this:

CgTalk:FXWars! Roller Coaster Challenge:3



Modelling, simulating, and shooting an animation around a ROLLERCOASTER looks like a COOL way to show off what Blender can do!

But, I’m clueless as to why a recent post on the forum discussing this challenge says:

‘Guess us poor Blender users can’t enter this one. But roller coasters are cool; I suppose I can d/l a trial version of something and do the animation in that…’

Can someone write me, ‘why not???’

One of the rules of the challenge is that simulation should be used rather than keyframed animation.

Has the quoted ‘poor Blender user’ forgotten that Blender has a game engine?

If it is the case that Blender’s game engine is currently operational, could be used to simulate a rollercoaster ride of a cart and coaster, and used in conjuction with other Blender modules to create a fun animation…

could someone PLEASE write a polite and enlightening reply to the ‘poor Blender user’ (and any misinformed readers of that forum) to correct this misinformation?

And while you are at, why not enter the challenge and show them what Blender can do!



The game engine is not powerfull enough to do that.

If you roller coaster track is like a bobsley (spelling?) track, it should work. That would be rather hard to control, but could be done.


Blender doesn’t have very good physics, thats why I said that. No keyframes means that everything is computer-generated other then the initial force. I’m pretty sure the game engine wouldnt work very well for something like this. It proably could be done like Theeth said. I dont know much about the game engine but can you save animations in it? or is it all in real-time? Also does it have gravity drivin forces?
But I think doing the modeling in Blender then importing to the trail version of 3ds Max would be alot better. Which is what I plan to do since I like rollercoasters alot.

Bobsled* :stuck_out_tongue:

I say it can be done

[edit] and to prove my point:

(blender 2.34, press P to start)


Nice shot Goofster!

You really didnt have to go to the trouble since the game engine is more or less fully scriptable via python, it should be pretty obvious to anyone that it is fully possible, and would probably be pretty fun to do as well.