Why people are afraid of changing defaults?

(Zuorion) #1

As 2.80 blender developing goes many defaults including shortcuts are changed.
I’m person who follow that process and i follow rightclickselect proposals and i see often discussions and sometimes even flamewars over particular shortcuts.
In my opinion It’s totally ok to talk about defaults, that topic should be discussed and defaults should be as best as possible.

But people are often are angry about decisions like recent space-bar setting and they are using arguments like “it ruins my workflow”, " i prefer the other way", “i use this way”, “its easier for me”. Everywhere is “I”, “me” etc. they are approaching default setting not as “this key would be better for average user” but “i often use that, so that should be default”. It always surprises me. Changing that particular setting is often shorten than writing an post about that.

Maybe i’m also looking at that subject from my perspective? If i want to change shortcut or pannel location i just do it. Key editor in blender is not the best one, writing and addon is not easiest task, i get it. But there is helpful community.
What do You guys think?

(Cjradical) #2

I agree, things like the right-click select and default shortcuts should stay the same in Blender. They can be modified and customized in preferences easily. I would really hate to open the new version of Blender and see many of the common defaults changed, very confusing and frustrating to long-time users!

I’m also pretty sure this is the reason customers of Autodesk Maya are getting frustrated, because of the constant changes the developers are making to the interface.

Why change something when its not broken?

(Safetyman) #3

People will always be afraid of change (see threads when 2.5 came out!). In another thread on keymapping, I suggested folks change to match their workflow and I got, “well I shouldn’t have to change it”, or , “why can’t it be like 2.7x”.


Everyone spends time to learn it. My impression is that some feel their time investment is devalued whenever something is changed.

(cgCody) #5

It’s human nature in general to fear unknown change. Though I feel the Blender community is more passionate than others because of it’s open source nature. I think it evokes a sense of democracy to the community members, which can cause strife when opinions clash.

The frustration levels can further rise in some instances where you have a clear opposition between experienced/professional folks and novices/hobbiests that don’t share the same perspectives or goals. For this reason, I’m just glad they have the Blender Foundation to battle test new releases.