Why Pupil dont moving with Lattice

This time I have problem with the:confused: eye. Eye moving with a empty. I add one lattice.
I change to wireframe and select pupil, corona,eye and eyelids and parent everything. I select lattice and everything comming with except for the pupil.
I dont understand why.
Can you take a look at my blendfile and advice me.
Tkanks in advance


eyegroup.blend (320 KB)

The pupil is missing the Lattice modifier.
After giving the pupil the Lattice modifier it worked for me.


Patel, thanks for reply, I solv the problem with pupil. Ctrl +J

Now I try to animate eye with lattice. Dont work.

I try with record button and I key. Dont work.
Can you advice me.
Thank you.


Eye2.blend (392 KB)

If you want to animate the deformation of the Lattice, you could use shapekeys or you could use bones.
Depends of what you want to do.

A good start is:
info about shapekeys:
info about Lattice Deformation:

And if using shapekeys it is very nice to add some Drivers:

:)Patel, Thank you for helping.
Exciting and interesting and easy
My first try


EyeLattice.blend (252 KB)

Nice to see, it’s working.

Exciting and interesting and easy

I would consider the word “easy” as a rare gem in most software forums. :slight_smile:


Not for me. This time yes

:)This time eyes dont stay in place when I try to Ctrl +P Lattice Deform
I have use Ctrl + R and Ctrl+ G

Can you take a look at my blendfile and advice me.
Thanks in advance


Clown.blend (254 KB)

There was some confusion with rotation/scale of the single objects.
And it is also a good idea to add the TrackTo constraint after the Lattice Deform.

  1. I removed the Trackto constraints
  2. give every object an Ctrl+A (Apply Scale and Rotation)
  3. Added the Lattice to the Eyes and the Head with Ctrl+P
  4. Set up new TrackTo Constraints

Changed File attached.

I have use Ctrl + R and Ctrl+ G

Don’t know what you want to say in this part,
Ctrl+R is LoopCut in Editmode and Ctrl+G is add object to Group.
Both are not related to the Latticeparenting

Have fun, Patel


Clown_changed.blend (256 KB)

:)Patel, You ar a nice and helpfull man, and I am silly. But Blender ar also silly. I did what you told me and use Ctrl+A. I dont have any trubble to conect lattice to the object. No!

I got fed up, why the eyes jumping out of the head everytime I press Ctrl+P Lattice deform.
I made a new object and follow every step you told me.

Here is the steps I using. Se the new blendfile.

Made a new head. (every time I press Alt+R clear rotation.) This time I press Ctrl + A to.

Made one eye and eyelid Alt+R and Ctrl + A. Add Empty Alt+R. Constraints,Track to, select eye, typed Empty and select Empty arrow G and eye move perfect. Selected everything and Ctrl+A
Select everyting and made a dublett Shift + D move the eye to the other side. Alt+R and Ctrl +A.
I select only the eyelids and the head and press Ctrl+J.
I add a lattice. Select the head, eyes and with the shift button down I select the lattice and Lattice deform and the eyes jumping out from the head. WHY WHY,WHY???

I try the other way, made a constraint Track to, typed lattice before I work with the other things.
Still, eyes comming out from the head. Thats my silly problem.

I dont have any trubble, if I select everything ( the eyes to ) and press Ctrl+J. Lattice work perfect. But I cant move the eyes after that.

Se you.


Greenhead.blend (359 KB)

I solve the problem. I made everything , head+eyes and lattis Ctrl+P deform lattice.
Now I add a empty to the eyes and constraints with track to.
Stryggle is also learning.

Thank you.

Not so bad.