Why Reality converter broke my GLB animation?

I am using the blender 2.93.4 version. I have made using multiple armatures animation in blender. After I export the fbx file.The fbx import in the blender, then export glb file. Animation works well in the glb file. I checked the glb file on the online platform(GLTF Viewer, Playground space, etc.). After this process, I drag the glb file into a “reality Converter” to create a USDZ file. Character animation works well, which is a rig with a rigify add-on. object’s animation is broken. You can see this in the screenshot. Is there any other way I can make a usdz file? Please help me. I am trying to solve this problem for the last month.

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I might suggest trying this converter:

It’s also worth reviewing the list of features that Apple’s viewers do not currently support — mentioned in the readme of the project above — including morph targets and multiple animation tracks.