Why setAngularVelocity don't work in my Ragdoll testfile?


as you can see in the title I’ve got problems with my test-file.
I don’t understand why the collision-objects rotates other wise than the function setAngularVelocity() is pretending.

The file: alternative_ragdoll_Modells_No_1_870.blend.zip (159 KB)

The most related lines are 27 till 108. There are the lines where the code don’t work.

Because the not function I’m not really smart.

Can any one tell me what’s wrong?

Kind regards, Arne.

Hmm, it seems that no one can give me an answer about this.

I’ve got tested it in a test-file which is more reduced. Actually I didn’t found a solution.


by chance you try to set (0,0,0)?
if so try to usde this
obj.worldLinearVelocity *= 0.0001 , that give the basically same effect
since 0,0,0 is readed as a non value

Also if you are setting it somewhere each frame, and you try and set it somewhere else, you run into issues.

Hi, which kind of issues do you mean? OK, it did fall apart. So it didn’t work! Is there a solution in sight? - May be next blender version?

obj.worldAngularVelocity *= 0.001(not with too many zero)

for me work

i guess BPR mean (correctly for different reasons) of write the function only one time.
or at least seem also to me that some times using many time the same function it not “accumulate” the values properly.
anyway if the code is well written should be natural