Why showing the wires?


If it was so logical then why would somebody ask a question?
What is logical for one does not has to be for someone else.
I tend to answer a question if I think I know the answer, and leave the judgment on smart, dumb, logical, unlogical out of these forums.

Sometimes the most logical answer for a question can be staring you right in the face, but you will never see it on your own, because maybe at some point you were led in a different route of thinking, and then you come to a point where the answer you thought was right, doesn’t seem to add up, but you, with the erroneous knowledge you’ve been given, can come to no other conclusion,
So hence the reason for a collective such as this, the Blender community and in more general Elysiun.com, because sometimes you need to get another’s opinion or perspective to find the true answer.
So now if this “high and mighty attitude”, I see so often in forums would disappear, if we all would just spend more time helping each other and instead of commenting on how dumb peoples questions are, our collective knowledge would become greater a little quicker

No question is dumb!, that is the point of this place, how about next time someone says

First of all, let me say that I’m not a graphic designer, architect or anything related to drawing. I’m a VETERIARIAN.

The point is that I don’t understand why some people, as soon as they see a 3D model, start asking “can we see the wires”?
Is it to study how the figure was made?, to see if the author is “cheating” (joining shapes together instead of modeling from one solid block)?

Answer- yes, it’s to study the layout of the persons mesh to help them learn to model better and inform them where things can be corrected

-look above at the guy’s statement he’s a veterinarian! Talk about different perspective, your assuming this guy would know! That’s just illogical on your part!

I was pretty surprised he got as far on his own as he did

Is it to study how the figure was made?, to see if the author is “cheating” (joining shapes together instead of modeling from one solid block)?

Which shows me at some point he’d already attempted to find the answer on his own, which deservers respect!, but just wasn’t sure

cekuhnen wrote:

do you realy want to get into detail with this philosophical question?

Oh and why wouldnt I, this is a “FORUM” right?

definition FORUM- A public meeting place for open discussion.
A medium of open discussion or voicing of ideas

I am more than ready to disscuss the idea of reality, but that probably goes in off topic

Hey, joining shapes together isn’t “cheating” … it just means it’s probably unanimatable.

Asking for wires is most obviously for the reason that it’s the only way to point out errors or such in the mesh, which is what the poster wants if he/she asks for help or feedback, it’s impossible to see how the modeller built the mesh and what errors he has made if you cannot see the mesh…

one thing the wireframe poster might do wrong though is to post a subsurfed wireframe, which is WAY wrong,…

…goes in off topic…
Yes that was cekuhnen’s point.
If you really want to get into detail about reality then start a new threat, don’t discuss it here in showing wires.
Thats why.

I think this topic was dead along time ago, why are you bringing it back?

I don’t equal a 6 days as “long time ago”, and I felt the question was still unanswered, and will still bring up further discussions in the future…

and I must add, lots of people tend to just ask for wires for no reason, the ones that just say “cool wires!!”, or have some automatic responce, “wires plz?”

This guy evidently was not asking just to be asking, he was wanting to know! he should have been told, I dont think it justified writing a novel to answer this simple post this conversation is probably over, unless your just going to continue it for no aparent reason

I disagree. It is usually much easier to see loop flows on subsurf cages than on their low poly version.
Best would be to post both, IMHO.


I think there is enough talk already about wireframes. If you are a newbie, the best thing is start modelling, follow some tutorials. The reason the study see wireframes will be evident soon enough. When you get stuck, you’ll be googling for wireframe examples.

And by the way guys: I just came from CGTALK defending the Elysiun forums, on how tolerant, helpful and appreciative we all are here, so chill.