why so few scripts included in blender

Hi all. I believe with the leaps and bounds Blender is improving it it time for a decent discussion of why there are so few scripts included in Blender.
What is going on.
There are all these empty slots for scripts, yet no scripts in them.
There are plenty of decent, well written, functional scripts available to add extra features to Blender that could fill these slots, not only for testing, but to add extra functions.
Many of these scripts have been floating round for years, all the while there are empty slots awaiting these extra functions.
Whilst it is true that some of these scripts have been hard coded into Blender and added much needed functions, the same could be said that there are many more that deserve inclusion but are constantly over looked.
These extra scripts deserve a place in Blender.
No offense to some of the official coders but really it’s about time that you woke up and smelt the roses.
There is a massive community or coders trying to improve Blender & many of the Script functions are not included in Blender yet add much needed functions.
I will mention the Official Project to improve scripts & scripting, how many scripts have been included through this ‘project’ , one., two maybe? in 6 months. And the answer to why so few , malicious code worries. This to me is just an insult to the script writers. Not being a coder myself, but being a little paranoid about malicious code also, I have found only two scripts that call functions that I would say are dubious at best. Certainly the majority of scripts contain no malicious code, call the correct functions and do not interfere with the internal workings of Blender at all.
So what’s the Problem.
It is really no problem downloading an extra script and installing it, but it is a waste of time if the script could have been included in the first place.
Anyway as I said No offense meant to anyone but I am now testing 200+ scripts for 2.43
also for cvs builds that use Python 2.5, I’ll share the results when I’m Finished.
Already I can name over 50 scripts that work with 2.43 each one adds functions that Blender does not have but improves functionality.
Thanks M.A.
Sorry for the rant, but I an tired of retesting scripts for every build as it takes months to do.

Doesn’t that answer the question right there?

Not a Blender dev … but as a user, I assume that the built-in functionality is well tested and not just automatically carried over because “it used to work”. In order for a script to be included means there is a commitment to test the script with every new release. That’s time NOT doing something else. I’d guess that if a script becomes popular enough, it will eventually work its way into the official codebase, but until then, including it could draw resources away from other tasks.

No offense to you, but you have absolutely no idea of the actual process for script inclusion.

If people want their scripts included, they should submit them for inclusion and then show that they will be able to mantain them for a period of time. Also, including scripts means reviewing them for bugs, consistency and accuracy, for large script, this is not something that can be done in 5 mins on the corner of the kitchen table while eating dinner.

And pray tell how many of those even asked to be included?

It’s not magic, we don’t just go to google and grab everything we can.

How many scripters tried to participate in this project outsides of the ones that kickstarted the project?

It was a bit sad really because some people, outside of “official” (I hate the expression) coders, really did give all they could to this project and some API coders were really ready to discuss issues and technical points with script authors (not that they don’t listen otherwise, but this could have been a global discussion).

You’d be suprised at how many scripts used incorrect methods to manipulate object/scene data. This is not only a negative point of the scripts though, the docs have been incomplete/incorrect for a long time (I mean as far as proper practice goes, not so much API docs as API usage docs).

That’s all fine and good, but without going into the scripts themselves, there’s very little chance that you’ll find incorrect behaviors and hidden bugs (that is, bugs that happen in exceptional cases).


Fair enough Theeth, I don’t know enough about the internal workings of Blender to correctly identify potential problems, I do also know that 2 or 3 people only became involved in the project to fix scripts.
Sorry for wasting your time.
Anyway I don’t seem to do anything right on this forum so thats it for me.

Oh, not wasted at all. If you’ve got that impression, others might have too, so it’s always good to clarify a bit.

Also, even without going into the code yourself, there’s still somethng you can do. That is, trying to convinve script authors to ask for incluusion. :slight_smile:


would it be possible for a list of scripts to be crreated (I believe there is a wiki somewhere…) and users to contribute whether or not the script works for said version of blender on speciofied opperating system?

Would that not sort the problem out, users could then download an archive of the scripts which work and add to where ever the scripts folder is.