Why 'Soft Light' generates different image than on Gimp or Photoshop?

Blending an image with its desaturated version by Soft Light gives more crispy image when done on Gimp or other Photoshop (example here: https://youtu.be/CzsGhJrpa9I?t=2095)
Doing this on Blender gives different results.
Anyone knows why is that, or how to achieve the same effect using Blender compositor?

Since the latest version of 2.79 the standard behavior of color management is filmic, which allows a much wider exposure range. But you can set it to standard to get a normal color space.

Thanks Mario for explaining. It’s not an option though as I need filmic.

You can get a filmic addon for blender 2.79. I do not know if that would still allow you to have the larger range.

If that’s the case you better keep the whole workflow in 32 bit (.exr). Then the transitions in gimp should also be softer.

Got it. Thank you.