why start with a box?

I’m trying to understand why using a box is the best way to create a model. Obviously I’m a newbie. If i want to make a shark, why wouldn’t I start with a cone or sphere…why a cube? No, I haven’t completed a model, but I will continue to try.

A cone and a sphere would both be terrible places to start a model because they both terminate in a multi-pole, which would cause you to start with poor topology. Starting with a cube allows you the best control over the future topology of your model, and gives you 6 well-defined directions to expand into. Subdivisions on it are very predictable as well.

^ what m9105826 said.

However, if you like to customize your “Default File” you can edit it and then click “File > Save User Settings”
Thats the way I do it :slight_smile:

Why would you change your default? Do you subdivide it and add mirrors, then save as default?

I start most organic models with a sphere or cylinder. The starting point doesn’t matter at all, could be a single vert. Heads are usually best modeled one face at a time(poly by poly). Add a plane, cut it in half, delete the left side, add your mirror, and start extruding.

A cube is an obvious starting point for a lot of inorganic models, but a circle is probably my most used primitive in that department. Shift-Alt-S is your friend. :slight_smile:

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Possibly. You can actually save everything you change, for example the GUI layout, if you dont like the default one. I have deleted the cube by default, so I can simply add what I need directly, when starting something new

I have studio one layer for def. And some color changes :stuck_out_tongue: but generaly on first layer top view i have cube

Box modeling is the easiest type and the learning curve is less then others. If you don’t like it, you can change it at will.

But if you do that you can’t follow the standard procedure in a new blender project: Delete default cube, then add cube. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the replies. This makes sense now. I appreciate the feedback! BTW - just got Jonathan’s book today.