Why subdivision surface modifier is not suported in sculpt mode?

It works in 2.79 and in my personal point of view its usefull. Seems we lost something in the way :frowning:

But why do you need it, when you have Multires, specifically designed for sculpting?

Subsurf was never really supported in Sculpt mode in 2.79 and prior as well. Why would you use it for sculpting anyway?

You can use sculpt mode to sculpt shape keys or just make general tweaks to a mesh while modeling. Blender doesn’t allow you to edit any of the levels of a sub surf modifier so all your edits are on the base mesh though.

Unless you applied the subsurf modifer, you would or could never have access to those verts, that’s the whole point of subsurf. You should definitely look into the multiresolution modifier for sculpting, it does exactly what you refer to, and more. Although for shape keys you can only work on the base mesh, but that goes for subsurf too.

Still it would be nice to be able to see the Subsurf result while only being able to tweak the cage.
Some kind of “adjust edit cage to modifier result” for sculpt mode.

That kind of thing exists in multires, you can adjust your viewing resolution and also works at different levels. Sculpting mode does have it’s own totally separate ‘smooth shading’ option.

The exact functionality you mention does not exist, but honestly I don’t really see a need for it, with that small a number of verts can’t you just use proportional edit? What exactly are you trying to do.

Did you read the last line of my post ? you are basically telling me what I wrote.

Did you ever learn anything about multi res? Obviously not. You can add a multires, subdivide, sculpt on the higher levels, and then apply the base, and remove the modifier.

What you propose is absurd also, you want to move verts whose location is determined by catmull Clark, it just doesn’t work that way. You can only move the base verts and then get smoothed ones through the algorithm. I think the reason the stack subsurf is disabled in sculpt mode us for performance.

This is actually a thing in zbrush… So yeah, blender could allow us to do that too.

This subject has already been discussed in 2011 on the Bf-committers mailing list when Sergey recode some part of the modifier stack. I hope he didn’t forget the conclusion done by Matt Ebb at that time:

“I forget the issues involved here, but I recall sculpting (modifying
base level mesh, as you would in edit mode) with mirror and subsurf on
was supported properly in 2.49 - a modeller friend I’ve worked with
relied on this a lot - using the sculpt tools to tweak poly modelled
objects. What’s the difference between how it worked in 2.49 and now?
is it possible at all to restore similar functionality as 2.49?”

So yes, it is usefull to have the subsurf or a mirror modifier working while sculpting. Il help to correct a mesh for facial expression with the use of the smooth or the grab brush and it’s easier and faster to use than the grab tool with proportionnal editing.

I am kind of done arguing with you, read what I wrote carefully or watch this video


And I think there is a misunderstanding. The idea is not to translate a subdivided geometry to the base mesh. It’s to sculpt the base mesh but see the result when it’s subdivided at the same time like for the mirror modifier

Yeah I kind of got sidetracked there. It does seem that in previous versions you could see a subsurf result while sculpting the base, but it was removed. There was talk of bringing it back, but it doesn’t look like there is any way to do it now. It seems like a legitimate candidate for preferences checkbox.

I’ve been using it quite a lot for hard surface stuff along with edge creasing.
Sculpt mode has so much more than just a grab brush … smooth being the most important one for me.

Yep, that’s the point. In my personal point of view is like a step back. I’m not talking about adding an option, I’m talking about to keep an option that works perfectly in the previous version.