why texture moves? update, another Q about textures

I have 3 textures at my object.
if I move or turn object in edit mode, why texture stays still?
I tested that with some sort of colormap i made and it gives me hard time to make suitable texture.


Sounds like you have it mapped to Glob or Win; Orco should keep it mapped to the Object Co-ordinates.

You could also use Sticky mapping. Once you have the texture as you want it goto F9, Mesh tab, and click Make next to Sticky then go back to MapTo tab in F5 and change the mapping to Stick.


another question about textures.
I have three textures
1st for wings
2nd for mody as general
3rd chest/belly area

now my problem is following
3rd texture does not fit in selected area. how can make that texture to fill only area where it is linked? now it only shows little part of texture in that area. So how can i force texture to stay in that white chest-belly area ?

ups forgot picture.
so here it is