Why the collision don't work after baking?

I try to create a simulation of a firethrowing starting in a cave, moving inside it and getting out of the other extrimity of it. I think my particles simulation is ok and well colliding with the walls of the cave, but when i bake the simulation the fire is totally passing through it and do not look at all like the particles, do not move the same way etc… Do someone know why this happens ? Here video showing the error and my settings : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BEzD6BiZROjR5zfqQc_WCroJXtb9SzkM/view

Thanks by advance to anyone who would have an idea

It’s also been a while i’m getting incoherent issues and things like this that aren’t supposed to happend with Blender’s fire simulation physics. Is it the problem coming from me or Blender? It sometimes really seems like the software itself do errors. If u guys confirm me Blender physics are jerky i prefer download Houdini and learning physics in it than loosing my time on a software that generate issues. But i think the problems come from me and i’m just not enough experimented to understand them for now. Do not hesitate to share your experience and thinking about this please :slight_smile: