Why the equip python dont work.

Equip python dont work :http://aycu10.webshots.com/image/6289/2001016405656963872_rs.jpg

show us the code please, the set up looks right to me.

What code?

the python script…

oh, its on my picture scroll it right.

oh… I had to open the pics url to get the whole… okey… hmmm what is it supposed to do, what doesn’t happen and do you get any errors in the console?

The python script need to make my character armor invisable. But it dont work.

do you get any error messanges?


Do you get any errors in the console when you run the script,
the console is the little black box thats opend with blender.

maybe post the .blend so people can take a look at it

You never assgined “vis” . You tell the computer what “vis” means.

own.vis is a property…

At last, it work now i just didnt have this python::D:D

import GameLogic as g
g. invetory = [ ]
g. name = “VACIO”
g. equip = “”
g. initilizedInvetory = 1