Why the finger getting folded


(atekdigital) #1

Im rigging a hand. Whats wrong with the rigging the finger are getting folded and mix with each other.

I tried weight paint also but did not work. Any suggestion or help. Thanks

Blend file

(RNavega) #2

I can’t look at the blend file right now.

Check the axes of each finger phalanx – you do that by ticking on “Axes” on the Display panel. If the fingers are intersecting each other when the fist is clenching, it’s because they are “aimed” like that.
Roll each phalanx bone (Ctrl + R or Ctrl + N in armature edit mode) so that they’re all parallel.

(stilltrying) #3

Looks like you are using Blenrig. Is that the case? If so, first your mesh is not neutral. You have unapplied scale and rotations on it. You need to apply the scale and rotations before you rig. Then when you set your fingers, check your roll on your retargeting on the Blenrig controls and use the fix rolls or use the custom button for the bone rolls and you should be fine.

(atekdigital) #4

Thanks for replying.
Yes im using Blenrig. Well did not get what you mean by fix rolls or use custom button.

(stilltrying) #5

It’s in the layers of the bone layers. But for some reason, you have all your layers protected. Is there a reason or did you just select that section in error to turn on protection? It’s layer 29. You need to look at the victor timelapse to see how Juan uses it. After you adjust the bone rolls, you need to run the update for the rolls which will adjust all the bones to the rolls in that layer. It’s in the time around around 30. If you don’t have the tutorials, you will have a very hard time dissecting this particular rig. It is very complex. The tutorial is on the Blender Cloud. Good luck.