why the framerate are droping that mutch?

Im working on a game but my overhead is pushing almost 60% of the processment, and I really dont understand why this is happening!!! help please!
what this overhead calculates?
I think that is because of my properties each cube have 10 properties.
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That shouldn’t be it, as objects could theoretically have hundreds of variables. It’s probably because you’re printing the variables to the screen. Try disabling ‘View debug properties’, and seeing if that helps.

HEHEH, yeah that was the problem, how ridiculous is that???
Thanks man

Yeah, the poorly named “Overhead” category is the amount of time spent drawing that “overhead” display that includes your framerate, profile, and debug props.

thanks moguri, I was desperated because of that I tought that was something on my game, thank you guys now i good again.