Why the grease pencil stroke becomes half transparent?


I turned on the both stroke and fill option for the material.
It seems like the stroke is half transparent and the fill color becomes darker blue where stroke and fill intersects.
Also, the stroke does not become solid black.
It becomes dark grey.

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I just found why.
Because the brush intensity was not 1.0 when I drew.
Now how can I fix this?
Is there a way to make the stroke opaque afterwards?

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I can use the strength tool to fix it.
Thank you.

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In my case (with viewport shading in solid mode), it was the “Holdout” checkbox under Surface>Stroke subheader being checked (by me?) that made every stroke look transparent, eventhough I had brush strength and layer opacity set to 1.

Oh, man. This is just one of those tiny things that you run into when you’re just starting out. I have lots of those. It took me ages to figure this one out. Then I remembered someone in a tut somewhere addressing pressure sensitivity. I use a Wacom tablet so this is an issue I’d run into.

Answer (in my case): look to the top bar for your pencil settings, and turn off the pressure sensitivity just to the right of Strength.

On to the next mind-boggling issue … :wink:

Like, how does this site work, and where is the Reply button I’d like to press now? - Oh, it’s underneath the cookie accept bar which I didn’t click yet …

If someone else finds this thread I realized that the noise modifier can create this effect without you realizing it if you allow it to modify strength values. Makes sense in hindsight but hard to realize after you forgot you added it.

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