why the heck?

why the heck objects go flying off the screen when i press play??? it only happens when i make them dynamic.

Most likely you have objects already colliding when you star the game. You want to make sure no dynamic objects are clipping into other dynamic objects, or else Bullet attempts to separate them, but with way too much force.

well that is exactly. the objects are parented to another.i need a “claw” that moves and detects collisions,so i made it dynamic and the other parts of the claw(the fingers) need to be dynamic too,so they detect collision too.but when i press start to play,the object flies off the screen.

They do not need to be dynamic to detect collisions.

Try to make the objects “compound objects” that should help.

that worked but now it seems like the radius of collision is too big?? objects stop way far before colliding with walls… the radius is set to 0.010 the lowest i guess.


enable “Physics Visualisation” at the Game menu.

then play with the bounding type and the rdius parameter

man…i don’t remember having this kind of troubles before! sigh*