why the internet is cool

i have a philsophy about the internet, i believe it connects us to somthing much more than computer nerds who have nothing better to do but post in forums:( it connects us to a whole world of knowledge, even thoough the knowledge could be made by the stupid. it connects us to entertainment, even though you tube videos are posted by the boring. it gives our i-phones somthing else to do, even though most people arent willing to buy an i-phone. it allows us to show off our bootyful pictures, even though most people wont intentionally go look for them and if they do happen to see it, it was because it accidently came up in google pictures. no really! this one time i searched burrito without the safe search and :eek:. it connects us to a wold of news articals, even though a news paper is alot cheaper than internet service and most people would rather just watch the news on tv. it gives us a reason to say were busy, even though were not, we just dont want people to know we have a hard time talking to girls. :o
it allows us to download open source graphics programs so we can create a forum on the internet so we can sit around and ask each other how to even use the damn thing. it gives us the chance to look at china with google earth and pretend were super spies like james bond! just without the guns, gadgets, or girls. well you might at least have the gadgets if you have an i-phone or somthing. and best of al it helps us bee gewd spelllers!
the internet dosent just connect us to the web, because if it did that means there would be giant mutant spider things for us to fight and stuff. but no, it dosent just connect us to the web it connects us to the pointless parts of our minds, and reminds us we have nothing better to do when we get home but log into myspace! :slight_smile:
do you dudes have any other reasons why the web is great?

do you dudes have any other reasons why the web is great?

All the free p0rn! I have not needed to buy smut since 1992!

what Mmph! said. and you also need to get off your ass. if myspace and bootyful pictures are what defines the internet for you, then you have really missed the boat.
go do something productive.

wow thats kinda mean:( ill never think deeply about things again… you know what? YOUR RIGHT! i will go to somthing productive besides my hours of community service, fire fighting training, and teaching people to march and obey orders in a military style to keep them off drugs and out of the streets. IM GONNA GO END WORLD HUNGER AND LEARN PROPER GRAMMER!:smiley: but im only 15… damn…

Start right now by using the proper contraction of “you are.”
Goddammit, when are you people going to get this shit right. It’s not hard at all.

The interwebs let me correct people’s grammar without fear of physical retaliation. :RocknRoll:

(P.S., JROTC’s gay, CAP is better!)

(P.P.S JROTC won’t keep anyone off of drugs. It may, however, provide them with contacts to better obtain drugs.)

I agree with Mmph and StompinTom.:slight_smile: The internet is a tool, and just a tool, depends how you use it.

NJROTC, so young, so idealistic.:slight_smile: See what happens when you watch Star Wars movie too many times.

NJROTC, you remind me of a joke I heard the other week. An old Hotel owner in Nepal said he joined a radical political party when he was young because he wanted to change the world. And later when he realized he couldn’t change the world, he decided to change his wife, when he couldn’t change his wife, he decided to change his kid. And now in his old age the Hotel owner realized he just better concentrate on changing himself.:slight_smile:

But don’t listen to me NJROTC, I’m only trying to break your will to fight, through disinformation. :stuck_out_tongue:

jesus christ… im not trying to change anything or anyone. thats my point, im only fifteen and cant change anything. and im not trying to fight anyone either.
this was only a joke, a lighthearted interchangable joke. the keeping people off drugs thing was a joke. the fire fighting, grammer, spelling, bootyful, its all a joke. damn this is the first time i ever join a forum and i get blasted! this is worse than halo online for the first time. mmph! had the right idea.
hey but i understand, thats fine. i must have hit a hot wire somewhere to get everyone pissed. but really thats cool, if you dont like my sense of humor, sorry, ill stop. you dont have start flaking me and my personal interests like that:rolleyes:

(pS ive never seen star wars, i want to but i can never find the time)

I also hate when people use the wrong form of words. Did you not get the point of Valarking’s lesson? The correct form of ‘you are’ is YOU’RE. I hope it gets through to you this time…

just a joke… why dont everyone just gang up on poor me…

Everyone is having a bad day. They need to vent off some of their frustration. What better way than to flame at someone who isn’t well known (because he is new) on the forums?

(By the way, have you even tried out blender yet, or do you just like forums?)

So you haven’t seen Star Wars!..Ok Luke, sorry I mean NJROTC, I believe you.:slight_smile:

We’re only picking on you because you made the mistake of telling us you were only 15. Don’t you just love it when they bite. Someone turns 15 everyday.:slight_smile: It’s easy to beat a 15 yr old, because they haven’t read the classics yet and got no come back.:slight_smile: No hard feeling NJROTC, only joking.

Ok NJROTC here’s some good advice if you want to change the world. What did that CIA guy say again, that’s right, the three ways to get people to do what you want are:1. Use a big stick. 2. Carrot and stick approach (i.e money). 3. Inspire them, that way you save your money.:slight_smile: And according to the CIA it works every time. Well except for Iraq, they’re a little thick over there.:evilgrin:

BTW, Samf stop trying to confuse me.

ive used blender before and have won a few small animation contests in my city with it. hey i dont mind people using me as a verbal punching bag, just no shots below the belt okay? thats why i posted the joke to start with, i kinda like helping people vent off stress with humor rather than takeing shots to my self esteem, but hey im up for whatever works. :spin:

hey its allright ozo, i didnt take it all to heart

Damn NJROTC no one has been serious in this thread so far except you.

Chill out and embrace the interwebs. For one so well versed in it as you claim to be, you don’t seem very familiar to it.



Post a Goatse! then he will be christened to the broad range of the net!


The internet sucks. See how it made you talk like that? Go out, and into the forest.

That was the point. :smiley:

I was 16 when I joined this forum. Nobody asked, nobody cared, I didn’t get yelled at.
(Oh no. I just told everyone that I am 18…)


This is for you, Mmph!

what a coool photo.Kind of creepy but cool looking.

I was talking abou LOLcats:

they are evil!

all about people taking pictures of cats, and poor spelling/grammer :frowning:

Aw man. I was just about to start a thread about cats…where people could put pictures that you would hate. I guess not then…