WHY THE ???? is this happening? help with plane

ok im tryin to make a movie by compositing yoda…and im tryin to get this plain to recieve shadows only…but it still shows up for some reason…iv done this before and this has never happend

heres the prefs…

and what is hapening…

First, close it up and start again to confirm it is a repetitive scenario and not a bug or something like that. If it is still a problem, look for clues as to what is different in your environment than last time you got it to work, and try a test with default scene to get the same effect to prove /disprove the anomaly.

Check for lamp/light placement, and double check your out liner to make sure you don’t have a duplicate plane or something like that. also, from viewing your setup, it looks like you have placed the plane directly behind yoda, but the best bet is to model a basic form of the toilet and set that to shadow only, since you want the shadow to appear to rest on the toilet seat and tank…

its still not working … can you try out the blend and see what you can do about it?

heres the .blend


Okay, gotcha. You are trying to use shadow buffer lamps and spots, but ztransparency doesn’t work well with this - set all of them to ray transparency instead, and you’ll get the corrected shadow cuts. I tried this in 2.45 and got it to work, but when i turned on all the layers I got some other parts intersecting yoda that didn’t look like they were intended to be seen.

thnk you so much craigomatic! IT WORKS you are the best

heh, just glad you got it now. it always has to be something, right?

yeah seriously … as soon as i get the model i want and video and want to composite it ti sure anough theres gotta be a problem…but im bout 45% done with the film thanks to you…is there anything in particular you want me to put into the credits buddy?

Put him down as a “technical advisor”

ok thanks… i will

nah, reference www.blenderartists.org in the credits, that’s why you got the answer in the first place :slight_smile: