Why the lighting is working not correctly in this blend ?


I am trying to render a 2D image and I have propably done something wrong. The render output looks like there would be a invisible line going through vertically the screen. The left side of the image is lighter than the right side. The image below shows the problem.


The blend file can be found from : http://odin.wipsl.com/~mikasa/static/TCPIPModel.blend

Any ideas how to fix this problem ?

Zillion thanks,
- Mika

You seem to have some kind of error in NT: Black.001 material.

Try to replace it with a regular material and it will work.

I have no idea if this is a blender bug or this is how the node is supposed to work.

No this appears to be how nodes work … If you change all the min/max values in the Mapping node to zero you won’t get the line either .

… First time I nosed around in the nodes so don’t take my work for it though … also in the test node you have 2 lighter gray versions of the Te:Test output … maybe that is causing the line ?

Works like a dream now. Thanks a lot for help !