Why the Subsurf mod wrinkles my mesh?

Without Subsurf

With Subsurf, value: 1

Should you want to inspect the blend file it is attached.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:



subsurf_odd.blend (738 KB)

Using remove doubles fixed it for me.

Super! Thank you so much shajuke :slight_smile:

Happy holidays!


in case you wanted the explanation, i found this mesh inside of the original mesh.

the reason why you could not use L to only select one of them is because they where connected, i separated them manually.

this connection is also responsable for the jagged resoult you got in the preview you gave us.

This mesh was found inside the original mesh. i suspect you did something wierd with mirror modifier.

Thanks for the explanation fb :slight_smile:
I might have used the Mirror mod, I don’t recall. I did have the Array and the Subsurf more recently though.