Why theres an ugly dark line?

Hello I have a problem, there’s a black line went I using mirror modifier then I shade it smooth the I add a subdivision surface. Can you help me? please :pray:

There are faces inside your model. That’s why the shade smooth and subdivision surface try to smooth each half of the mirrored mesh.

  • Make sure that there are no faces at the center line or inside your mesh.
  • Make sure that the vertices at the center line where the mesh gets mirrored are perfectly aligned.
  • Maybe increase the Merge Distance in the Mirror modifier to weld all vertices together
  • Your center line for the mirror operation is where your object origin (orange dot) is. So make sure all the vertices on the center line have the same Y position than your object to ensure perfect mirroring and merging along the center line of the mirror.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, I’m gonna try it

Thank you very much it works!!!, it makes me feel better :relieved: