why this MAYA renderer guy is called as turtle?

It is MAYA render engine

If that is a turtle, what is (made by Sily)


Does it matter enough to post about?

oooh ooh! I know I know!

… a turkey right!?

no? ooh ooh…

I gottit… a rabbit!

/me pats himself on the back

I also don’t get why they have a rabbit in the logo. Wether turtle is just a name they just came up with because they couldn’t find anything better or it’s fast like a rabbit or whatever.

probably a reference to the tortoise and the hare.

I dunno, but 'cept for the bubbles that sure is a nice underwater rendering of turtles!

Hmm … but I can’t deny that it’s a nice logo … whatever…


I think it is supposed to be ironic, disconnected, outside-the-box kind of thing. It gets attention and sparks curiousity(?).

Heck, it got you to start a thread on it. :wink:

Its a reference to the turtoise and the hare because the turtle was smart and slow and the bunny was dumb and fast so I guess their saying that they are smart like a turtle and fast like a rabbit?
just my thoughts