Why this wierd shadow?

I’m posting in modelling, cuz all I did was model this simple cup, slap on a subsurf modifier, and hit F12.

the shadow is that of a glass cup with transparency…this cup has only the default gray surface…is this normal?

my gut tells me that somehow, I have polys that are “leaking” light, which accounts for the shadow looking as tho cast by glass.

thank you for any help.



I’d wager this is caused by some combination of a high bias setting, and using the Classical buffer shadow. You should be able to fix it by either A) lowering the bias setting (I find 0.3 to be about the lowest you can go with the Classical buffer shadow before faces start self-shadowing), or B) Switching to Classical-Halfway or Irregular shadow buffers.

Let me know if one of those works. :slight_smile:

thank you. Bias was already at 1, I went to 0.3, no change.

I returned it to 1 and tried the classical halfway, and that seemed to remedy it, at least at that light/cam angle. Irregular was also ok.

thank you!