Why use Blender over any other?

Hello :smiley:

I been using Blender for sometime now and now my school is thinking about using Blender instead of 3ds Max because of license and price issues.

But the teacher, who is to decide what program to use, is not fully convinced that Blender is powerful and good enough.
I then told him that I would ask the genius people of the blender community (that’s you, guys! :))

Why do you think Blender is worth using??

what kind of school is it?

it is free, the students can have it athome to use. if you notice the development of blender it is advancing at a rapid rate even thru the recession…something comercial products dont do. blender has functions you would have to buy plugins for 3ds. does the teacher know blender or 3ds? blender has alot more than you are going to master in a year, and even if it were limited it wouldn’t mater if the limits are more than you are goingto be able to use.

tell him to check out all the stuff on the tufts corse which has no license restrictions. http://www.gryllus.net/Blender/3D.html the front page looks plain but once you start clicking on the bars you realize how much there is. your teacher will have his corse already done for him.

Its danish and roughly translated Multimediadesign. It focus on website development and graphics like 2D and 3D.

Instead of a 1000 words, show him the pictures and movies made with Blender.



And let’s not forget the open movie projects:



Or the open game project


My teacher know Blender and bought “Blender for dummies” and tutorials on Lynda.com. My teacher does master 3ds max but knows it well. And I think he wants to learn the basics not to master it.

Blender is almost too capable and complex for that IMHO. I have been in almost the same situation as you are in now, and you are very welcome to PM me in Danish if you would like to discuss this further. There are many aspects in all this that people who are not familiar with this particular AP degree would never think of.

Is Maya is better than 3ds max because of its license and price? Is Max better than Cinema 4D because of its price? Is Silo better than Blender? I don’t think so. Price and licence is nothing. Blender has robust tools compare to other commercial tools. The most important thing is what you can do with a 3D software regardless of its licence and price.

Thank you, I will.

Of course not :slight_smile:

Then again, is blender worth using instead of 3ds Max??
I tried to convinced my teacher that Blender is actually a pretty solid and powerful program. It just depends on the artists skills.

If you like blender more than max then yes!

in capability, max can do many things that blender cannot… then again blender can do many things that max cannot.

I use blender because it does everything I need and I like it more than max/maya…

I think the same. There are alot of things Blender can do. I don’t know about 3ds Max because I only used it a few times, but of course it can do some neat stuff. The teacher and I was discussing some downsides of Blender. We agreed that the hotkeys may be a downside for teaching, but it can be learned.

I think another advantage of blender is that its minimum hardware requirements are extremely low for such a powerful program.

well, if you don’t mind using an alpha version (2.50) you can customize the hotkeys
although, i find them to be efficient, if a little bit complicated.

in my opinion, blender is will suited for education, and the skills learned can be transferred to other programs if necessary

The answer is simple: It depends on your goals. I can’t tell you which software is good or bad. This must be your decision. If you have an artistic ability, you can create huge projects with Blender. Discussing other things is really a waste of time.

Btw, “What makes a 3d software good or bad?” Its users or licence and price? Which one?

Yes, I also said that to my teacher. :slight_smile:

Because I don’t have a few hundred dollars to spare on Max and plugins that do what Blender does. Nor do your teacher’s students, so I guess that means no homework?

Well I guess the schools goal is to teach the basic of the chosen 3D suite, so the students have a sufficient knowledge of 3D and the program.

“What makes a 3d software good or bad?”. Well the users but I also think that to tools in the 3D suite is important.

Money is not the problem for the students. Everything is free :D. We got the Adobe Creative Web Design CS4 suite for free. But the school of course thinks about the money.

Price and license normally would not matter except that we are talking about a school here. Budget constraints being what they are these days Blender is more than capable for this type of course and in this economy would help the school spend the money somewhere else that it is needed.

That’s my opinion anyway.

Good luck to you and your professor as this is worked out.