Why useful scripts like LoopTools and Extra Objects are disabled by default?

Hello there.
I wonder why some useful scripts are disabled by default (not only for modelling). The most important ones imho are LoopTools, Inset Polygon by Howard Trickey and Extra Objects.

LoopTools for instance has much better tools than the “built-in” ones, for example Relax or the Bridge tool which is way better than the ridiculous “must have equal edge counts” built-in bridge tool.

Imho, these scripts should be enabled by default. LoopTools for example is essential, it just adds features that any decent 3d modeller have, but Blender doesn’t have them by default, what could certainly scare some newcomers.

Also, I remember a lot of useful scripts from the past that aren’t available for newer versions of Blender. Some of the best scripts are scattered all through the internet, I know there’s a wiki page for that but that doesn’t really count. A kind of official script repository would be awesome, were people could keep track of updates and compatibility.

I just think that it’s a pity that we “lost” a lot of functionality that were added by scripts that doesn’t work anymore. Functionality should be cumulative.

I use Blender as my primary modeling and animation tool, yet I have never used loop tools. So it is not essential to me at all. I actually prefer the blender method of letting you choose which tools and which functionality you want to turn on and off.

I also seem to recall reading that the number of addons you have “turned on” will effect Blender’s speed, but don’t quote me on that as I may have just made it up in a dream…

Who’s to say what addons are useful or not to you, me, everyone else. Why not enable everything because they’re bound to be useful to someone. Then you’d have to live with the huge interface clutter.
You enable the addons that are useful to YOU
I’ll enable the addons that are useful to ME
Everyone else can enable the addons that are useful to THEM

I just think that if all the top-5 3d apps have tools like that, then I can consider them essential for a decent 3d app. Seriously, what kind of 3D artist never needed a decent bridge, circle, curve, flatten, relax or loft tool? They’re all provided by LoopTools and not in default Blender install (at least in an “usable” manner). Now look at any basic tutorial on 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema4d, Houdini, LightWave, Modo, etc. - they all teach how to use similar tools.

A newbie will certainly figure out how to use the space to search for commands, and if they can find a working command then there is a change they’ll not give up that quickly, but I seriously doubt a newbie will figure out how to enable addons and what each addon do. And if I were a newbie and couldn’t find a working bridge tool I’d just trash the app right away.

It’s because of this mentality that pretty much any “serious” 3D professional sees Blender as a toy, I certainly disagree though. And what if the LoopTools developer abandon the project? Also, I’m sure there’s a lot of users that doesn’t even know about LoopTools.

I’ve been using 3ds Max for some time and I never noticed a feature that was removed. While a lot of people are still using Blender 2.49 because there are scripts that doesn’t work anymore. Just look here, “we still need Blender 2.49b” - that’s a shame, seriously. And a quick google search will return dozens of scripts that were discontinued. The problem is most of them add functionality that you get outta the box on other 3d apps.

I know only a couple of guys using Blender professionally everyone else is hobbyist, but pretty much every Max, Maya, Houdini, LW, Modo, C4D user I know is professional.

Well now you know another that uses it professionally, and I find it pretty insulting for you to tell me I am not a serious 3d artist because I don’t use loop tools…

To each his/her own.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to insult you. Please accept my sincere apologies.
I doubt however, that you never needed to use LoopTools. Maybe you just aren’t used to them, but once you get used, I guarantee your productivity will increase.

It’s called CTRL-U.
Just enable the addons you consider important and press CTRL-U. I suggest doing this on the default scene. You will have to do this everytime you download a new version of Blender.

Then when you open Blender all your favorite addons will be enabled for use.

I rarely use modeling addons.

Who has time to model when you can animate?:yes:

as a newbie I chased all the add ons etc!! now I dont bother my “T” panel is a lot nicer(not full of junk I hardly ever use) even the insert poly and loop tools rarely get added, will admit they can save a few clicks but the time they save is wasted tryna find the button