Why was my old thread closed?

I registered here a little over a year ago to ask about an issue I was having with Blender at the time. After being away from Blender for a while, I have returned with another question to find that the thread I had started before was closed at some point. I’m merely wondering why. The question I asked was never resolved (though the issue seems to have resolved itself).

If it’s merely an anti-spam measure to prevent necro-ing old threads, I understand. I am not upset (it has been a long time, and as I said it is no longer an issue I am facing) but I looked around and was unable to find any information on a policy of closing old threads. I had intended (upon my return to this site just now) to post an update stating that the issue had seemingly resolved itself after updating to newer versions of Blender, in case anyone experiencing the same issue came across my thread, but discovered I was unable to.

I’m just curious as why the thread was closed, since I was unable to find any policy or reason that it should have been.

Threads are automatically closed 12 months after the last post in the thread. The last post was Oct 2011 so was automatically closed in October this year.

Okay then. That’s all I was looking for. Thanks.