Why White Line on Desktop After Using Blender Latest Edition for Intel Mac?

I was really hoping someone would have suggestions with this issue. I posted yesterday and no answers. I love Blender’s interface and it’s so sad for me not to be able to use it with confidence. I don’t want to hurt my video card. I have plenty of VRam: 512 megs and have the Radeon 4850 video card which is a good card for my Intel 24" I Mac. I see no slowing at all when I work with Blender. It’s only when I quit the app I saw a white horizontal line running all the way across the lower portion of my monitor and as I said previously, when I rebooted the line was gone. This doesn’t happen using any other application, so I know it’s related to Blender.

Isn’t there anyone out there that can help me with this? I won’t use the app again unless I get some advice. Please help! and asap because I was working on something for a video and hate to loose it. I even bought a book from the e-store to study too.

I posted yesterday and no answers.
Please do not create multiple threads for the same question. I’ve closed your previous thread if you are now intending to ask here.

Okay, but is there tech support for such issues? I wanted to contact tech support as well and see no way to do that.

Well I assume that is you posting in the Apple forums. For blender the best blender support will be in these forums. It is most likely graphic card issues but I wouldn’t think running blendr would damage your mac. There are numerous graphic glitches reported for many graphics card, operating systems, software. They are just graphic artifacts, not causing damage. Of course its up to you but I don’t see any damage occurring.

Thanks so much. So, there isn’t anything I can do to tax the machine a little less? would it make any difference if I used fewer colors, etc…? my tech support person didn’t think that would make a difference. As I mentioned before I don’t have this issue at all using any other software. Could the Blender I downloaded be corrupted? should I do another download do you think? sorry to be a bother, but I really, really want to use this software if I can use it safely. I’m sure I downloaded the right version too.

I don’t believe that this would be a Blender problem, as in Blender being the ultimate cause for the event. This isn’t caused by taxing the machine either, it’s a graphical problem, almost like the video buffer not clearing from the card or something like that. I would make sure that your video card drivers are up to date first, so check out AMD.com and download the latest drivers for your setup and try again.