why why...

why was this topic locked? it’s related to computer graphics!


ps. im not mad or anything.

it is neither related to blender nor 3d news nor chat.

simply a blatant ad for an unrelated site.

Chat about anything related to Computer Graphics or elYsiun


Would’ve been better off here.

The proper thing to do in this situation is to PM weirdhat about why it was locked, since he is the one who did the locking.

i did and he didnt respond :-?

It’s hardly related to computer graphics, only that it uses them (poorly.) I think the decision to lock is entirely justified.

Half a day is hardly enough time to wait. We’re not paid full time staff.

Yeah, I’ve been busy. I’d answer now, but everybody else has explained it already.

locked this one too,… this is indeed not the place to complain about moderator actions.