Why windows is included in new computers?

Light the touch paper and stand well back.

What a surprise this has turned in to Windows / Linux etc cat fight. It amazes me why some people are so obsessive about a stupid operating system.


I remember that in the past I do some tests to compare Windows and Liunx rendering with Maya and Houdini in the same computer. Linux was always much faster than windows. A part linux don’t have virus (well, only very little virus). So I decided to use only linux. I think the best OS for games is Windows. But for 3D in my opinion linux is the best choice. Anyway I don’t think this is the best thread to compare windows/linux/mac. Dell for example sell computers with windows (you have to pay for hardware and windows) and with ubuntu I think (and you have to pay for ubuntu too). What I would like is to buy a computer built but with any OS. If I can get a free version of my favorite linux OS why I have to pay for it? I only want a full computer with the same shop warranty.

I bought a workstation and when the power supply failed they paid for shipping to and from my work and had it back here within 72 hours. Electra computers did go out of business about a year ago, but they were on it!

Buy quality components for around the same price as some dell box stuffed full of the cheapest crap they can get from china. Quality parts or stupid warranty on crappy parts, me personally I need a workstation, not some dell XPS with fans and neon hanging off it. And AMD 6400+ dual 3.2 are less than $200 anywhere online.

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we got a quad 2.5, 4 gigs of 600mhz ram, onboard video, and upgraded cooling for under $600 at http://3btech.net/configurator-amd.html

The thing is that you can buy just the computer without OS. Just go to site like cyber power and order your computer. All you have to do is look around a little. Dont go to the local BestBuy. They will rip you off in every way possible.

Wellll… I didn’t buy my Linux box for that reason, nor did I buy my Windows box for that reason, and I certainly didn’t buy my Macintosh for that reason. (And I happen to be looking at all three of them right now…)

You buy a computer “to do work,” or to play, or to do “whatever it is you do with a computer.” That’s the ruling consideration that governs every purchase. I bought every one of my machines because it so happens that I needed one of every type. (I’m a professional software-developer.) I would not under ordinary circumstances buy a computer as an exercise in self-education or self-flagellation :wink: although let the record show that because of my line of work I did in fact originally do so in the case of Linux. (I knew that there would be a strong competitive advantage to me if I would self-learn Linux a number of years ago, before the system had a chance to become too popular. I did so, and there was.)

The Catch-22 in the case of Windows purchases, for ordinary bottom-feeder-priced consumer machines, is that the Home editions of Windows are invariably garbage. I have no idea why Microsoft continues to do this, because technically speaking they could be distributing a system that would frankly leave Apple no room to talk… much less to make a laughingstock of Microsoft, as they now do.

If you’re a graphics designer or content-creator? Easy: you buy tool(s) for the job. You buy whatever OS(es) and whatever computer type(s) will get your job done most expediently and therefore profitably.

If you buy a computer that comes with a copy of Windows that you do not use, you can just tell the manufacture to give you a refund.

That’s exactly the reason why threads such as this are started – to shit on Windows. How stupid can you get not knowing where to buy a computer without an OS. And the thing I hate most is when they lie about speed, ie, Linux is faster than Windows. I’ve done the same experiments and I saw no difference. Remember the hype about turning a junk machine into a powerful Linux? It turned out that it’s all hype. Boy was I ready to turn my old machine into a Linux box. It became even more junk. In the end, speed is all about hardware specs. Even Linux fanboys can’t wait to get the latest CPU with multiple cores.

I think most of the larger manufacturers do sell computers without operating systems.
Dell sells computers with Ubuntu too, if that is your distro of choice.

To most of the posters in this thread:

Why are you being so childish? The original poster did not state that windows was bad, he did not ask for any kind of discussion in that area, he was asking for help in finding a computer with no OS on it. Suddenly people started shouting “Vista is bad”, “Linux is not friendly”, “Linux fanboys ruin everything” and “Windows is slow” even though none of that had any relation at all to the question…

Its embarrassing that it has to be this way every time someone mentions an operating system on these forums.

You do gain some speed under Linux. One of my test renders took 2min55 on Windows 7, 2min48 on XP and 2min35 on Ubuntu. This is of course without anything running except OS. Not a big increase but if you are rendering an animation that speeds adds up.

I do agree with your first point. There seems to be a lot of kids on here who are out to fight Microsoft. Almost every thread contains words such as “Windoze” “Microsuck” “Winders” an so on. Grown men dont have that much hate in them as they are usually over stupid things like that.:smiley:

A desktop we can built one, but what about a laptop!? They do come with windows, but do we actually pay windows!? Does a Laptop that costs 600€ with windows would cost 350€ without it!? I don’t know why but I don’t think that’s the case…

How, have you gotten vistas mem usage so low, i would like to know?

If you know what you’re doing you can make old hardware run a lot better than under something like XP. You’re not going to be able to have the full gnome/kde desktop with Open Office and all sorts of bells and whistles but could come up with a usable box that does what most people use computers for – surf the web and check email – with the added plus that you know that it will be supported for a long time into the future unlike microsoft’s end-of-life comparable products.

And there’s always cost, my openBSD firewall/wireless access point/bittorrent server would cost something like $1200 to set up under MS assuming that their server ‘solution’ would even run on an 800 mhz PIII with 256 meg ram.

There’s also a bit of FUD thrown in there with ‘lying’ and ‘hype’ as if there was one overseeing marketing department in charge of getting linux more market share. I’m going to guess and say that you read a couple articles written my people who had absolutely nothing at all to do with any linux distro and probably honestly gained some performance from using linux because they knew what they were doing. Just a guess though.

I do know that ubuntu does a lot better than vista on the same hardware from personal experience even though I didn’t run any unnamed ‘experiments’ to back the allegation up.

Anyhoo, run whatever you want, doesn’t matter to me. It is actually quite beneficial since windows high hardware requirements means that there is usually a good selection of discounted hardware to chose from that runs linux just fine for my purposes when a new windows release comes out…which is what, a couple months from now?

Just wish they would force an upgrade cycle more than every few years.

Go to website I suggested earlier. Pick out one laptop and go to customize it. Under Software remove any Windows that comes with it. So yes, there is a choice.

Um long live windows 7… seriously, and I mean this in all honesty and sincerity. Win 7 is really good… beta was really good, RC1 is perfect, no issues, no major problems running any software, phenomenal game performance. I bought the upgrade which doesn’t even come out until October. Ill be “upgrading” from win XP x64 pro to 7 x64, i havent run xp since beta of 7 was released, there has been no need or want to go back. I have run linux once. doesn’t suite me. There is no reason why you should be forced to buy a windows machine, there are dozens if not hundreds of computer builders completely willing to toss a machine together for you with No OS. they call them barebones PCs.

I build my machines, have since i was 12, my current atx case has cpu stickers pilled up dateing back to the k6-3 line of amd cpu, circa 1998… generations ago as far as computers go.

If you buy a computer that comes with a copy of Windows that you do not use, you can just tell the manufacture to give you a refund.

@N30N: Interesting article. I will read it again more carefully but I think it is necessary to return the CD of windows, and now there are laptops HP, ACER, TOSHIBA with windows installed without CD. A part, it is funny when they sell hardware of 64bits with windows x32. I think OS x32 only can detect 3Gb. Perhaps now with some tricks OS 32bits can handle more RAM, anyway I prefer to use always only 64bits OS.

I’ve never seen a computer come without the disks required to do a reinstall. But anyway that’s wouldn’t be a issue, just saves you a trip to the post office. :wink:

A lot of consumer computers (not only laptops) now a days do not come with reinstall disks . They somewhat misleadingly advertise 500 GB of disk space to the consumer while in reality they partition a “recovery” partition on the hard drive that takes at least 10 GB and contains all the MS and their (the manufacturer’s and Norton’s etc.) nonsense … Apparently the buck they save adds up …

Can you explain then why blender works perfectly fine for me on both ubuntu 9.04 without any setup other than installing it(like in any other os’s) and OSX 10.5.7? Some people may have some problems, but not everybody. I have had problems on windows with blender too.

Also OSX comes with all of the standard unix commands, and standard shell. Who says someone who knows what they are doing can’t use OSX, and make their life a bit easier(IMHO)? When it comes down to it, the three OS’s aren’t that different when it comes to usability and how you do things, its mostly stereotypes that so many people have developed, like the person who I quoted exemplified. The only difference could be what applications are available on each one, which is not really the OS’s fault, and certain specific faults, like lower security in windows(which doesn’t really change how you do things, other than installing some form of antivirus). I use all three operating systems currently, and they all have there problems and weaknesses, but for the most part they work in essentially the same way. Yes the “start menu” in osx is at the top, and the min/max/close buttons are on the other side, and they look different, but those are just minor differences that don’t matter, they make no difference.

Also, a retail copy of OSX is actually cheaper than vista home basic(the cheapest version), and windows 7 home premium(home basic prices aren’t announced from what I could see, this is what most get anyways). OSX is like $129 (and only $30 for upgrade!) and vista home basic and win7 home are $200($130 to upgrade, same as full retail price of osx!!)

It may seem cheaper when buying a new computer, but that’s because of microsofts monopoly, and apple hardware, not the OS, is expensive(and you can run it on normal pc hardware, so that doesn’t matter). Also from what I can tell, osx doesn’t run very well in VirtualBox(from research, and my own experience). I’m not trying to say any OS is better than the other (although personally I like OSX the best), but atleast try to get all the facts right. (the blender part is from my own experience though, and I have seen the osx blender complaint, and never experienced it). Okay, my rant is over now, carry on. Also, for the original question, buying online offers lots possibilities for buying OSless hardware, or with linux preinstalled, as many have mentioned, but in my opinion its best to build it yourself, as you can usually get a equivalent system for less.