Why won't Blerder startup

I install Blender 2.54 and this is the message I get in the dos window. (Failed to get context.) Naturally Blender never opens, why is this, it also happens when I install 2.55.
I think this is the wright forum for this question?? Hope so anyway any help would be appreciated. Oh by the way I am running a Gateway, with Windows XP.
Thanks: Boobers

PS: Blender 2.49 opens with only a slight pause after I reinstalled it. I know I am a newby to Blender but not to installing software.

Why dont you download a zipped version instead of using installers,
extract the contents of the zipped version to a new folder and than run blender .exe

Its probably your installation of blender is corrupt.
showing a screen shot would help as to what exact error your getting .

A screenshot would tell you the same thing. In the little black window, I call it dos window where it tells you it is looking for Python; it say’s Failed to get context. And as for a zipped file, if there is 2 different files I always download both for safety sake. I always try to install the second one before bothering support, as I did with both versions of Blender.

looks like you dont need help

*superhero why do i even try to help i should have just ignored this post