Why wont doom 3 work?

When i go to play it it exits and goes back to the execution box or wateva. and in it says my drivers arent up to date or my video card isnt supported. I ahve the most rescent video drivers adn a geforce 6200. the game should run. but it doesnt? why not

system specs
pentium 4 3.0 ghz
512 meg ram
256 meg geforce 6200

maybe your rams too low?

no the recommended is 512 meg

if got:
nvidia geforce 7800 gt
2 gigs ram
intel c2d e6400

the game runs at a smooth as sand paper 3 fps.

Check online and see if you can find an official patch, doom3 is now a relatively old game (well 2004), so your computer is likely to have components that were built long after doom3 was released.

3 fps with those specs? Something is wrong there

ok ill try that thanks