WHy won't it render? HELP ME PLEASE!!!

Ok so my problem is I have extruded some simple cabling using a circle extruded along a curve, and I have given it some colour, but when I try to render it, it just doesn’t show… I know I am almost certainly being stupid and over lookng something trivial, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what. Please help.

ok, first, are you seeing the render window, but it’s black? if that is the case, make sure there is a lamp and a camera in your scene. if you are not seeing the render window at all, that is a different matter, and it would help if you could put up the file so we can have a look.

I have lamp and camera and background and the rest of the render are all visible, however the extruded rope is not rendering. It is a problem with the way I have made the rope I think, not the render.

Try clicking the rope object and convert it to a mesh object and see if that works.

No good I am afraid, still can’t see it!

Dumb question but you are pointing the camera at the rope, right?

I think the best thing in cases like this is to post the blend file.

I AM pointing the camera at the rope, and I would post the file except it is about 20MB… I would post a rendered image except that the whole NOT rendering thing makes that a lil problematic.

Give your rope the same material as one of the objects that you can render and see if that works. If it does then you may have set the alpha value of your material to 0 and have Ztrans or Ray Trans selected. The transparency of a material is not visible in the 3d window (it appears solid), only when you render.

Just a guess as to what might be wrong.


is the layer that the rope is one active? only active layers render, and in a file that big, it sounds like you may be using multiple layers.

Erm, maybe you could try selecting the rope, going into edit mode, selecting all or even half of the rope IN sight, then press W for the specials menu -> Flip Normals

perhaps the backs are facing the outsides. It won’t render the back of faces. Just the front.

The layers is also a good point.

it could be that your camera is mirrored the wrong way so delete that camera and try again

(worth a try)


Be sure zInvert is not selected.