Why won't my hippo dance? (armature hookup not working.)

I’m still trying to make this fat lady sing…er dance…
I made a new mesh, much simplified. I imported my armature and put it inside the mesh.
But I can’t get my mesh to respond to the armature. I’m missing something.

I select the mesh.
Shift Select the armature.
Cntrl P for Parent menu. Select Armature.
Select “Bone Heat”.

Go to pose mode.
Move a bone.
Nothing happens.

But, it doesn’t crash, which is an improvement over my last mesh!

The file is attached, if some kind blender god will smile on me with some knowledge.



HippoHomeMadeForUpload.blend (414 KB)

hey blendasaurus,

Nothing is wrong with your armature - your manipulator is set to “Move Object Centers Only” (the button with dots on it). Just turn that button off and you’re in business :slight_smile:

I’ve had that happen to me before… it blew my mind (Wwwhhhhhaaat? Why isn’t this working?? Ohhh… I see. Click.)

Also, you might to try adding an Armature Deform modifier to your character instead of using the older Parent method. It’s a little more flexible.

I found that magic button. But it still seems that the hippo won’t dance unless I give each bone its own 1K constraint modifier. Tedious, and causes other problems, like moving the lower arm controls the hip bone. Moving an ear moves the whole head. I’m in a quandry. I need more tutorials!

How does this “new” method of the armature modifier work? I haven’t find it on the menu.


it’s the weight painting that causes stuff to move, just use the armature modifier like harkyman said and look up a tut on how to weight paint.

The weight painting was the missing link for me. I figured there was some way to tell the bones what to move and what not to.