Why won't my rendered photo show up as a backdrop?

The title pretty much explains my situation. I have already checked the box next to “Backdrop”.

Did you hit F12 (Render)? Is the rendered image loaded as a backdrop image? Check your properties panel. Sorry if I’m stating what might seem obvious but…well, I’m not over your shoulder at the moment. :smile:

Yes… I already rendered the image and saved it as a PNG file.
Here’s a screenshot if it helps.


Indeed, it helps : You need to connect your render to a viewer output to be able to have it in the backdrop…

See you

PS : Please do a quick search before posting… Seriously… Searching Blender backdrop not showing in Google give the answer in the very first result

I appreciate your advice sir! :slight_smile:

But I notice it’s still not showing up. Am I doing something wrong?

Yes :smiley: : You are posting again, after a 10 seconds test ^^
Please hit F12, As you see your Render Layer is empty, render was not done


Wonderful! That seemed to work. Thank you!