Why won't my user preferences pull up?

I have recently downloaded Blender 2.68 unto my laptop. Since it is not a desktop, I need to pull up my user preferences so I can select Emulate Numpad, but my user preferences refuses to pull up. The little pop-up box pulls up, but it is nothing but a blank, white screen. I pulled it down into my tabs thinking it just needed to load for a while, but when I pulled it back up the screen was a blank, black instead of white and it stays that way. Does anyone have any idea why it is doing this or know any way to fix it?

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This is likely a driver issue. What video card do you have in your laptop?

Assuming it is a driver issue, then the workaround would be to just change the 3D View into the User Preferences editor, rather than pull up User Preferences from the File menu.