Why wont the Blender Gamekit games work?

Hey all,

I was just wondering if you have a solution to my predicament.

Okay, I bough the blender gamekit and tried playing some of the games included on the CD, but they run so slow they are unplayable.

My system is as follows (it is old):
733 mhz AMD Atholon processor
256 Mb PC 133 RAM
Nvidia TNT 2 w/ 32Mb memory
20 Gb Hard Drive
52x CD-RW drive
MS Windows XP home No service packs installed

so, is my system too slow to make or play games, or is something not working right.

btw, I can play Black and White on my system, but I can’t play a blender game, very wierd.

Also, which blender physics system would you recommend for a FPS, Sumo or Bullet?

are you using the version of blender that came with the gamekit?

no, I’m using the latest Blender 2.41!!
does it make a difference?

Can you afford something a little more recent than a TNT? Problem is, you might not even have AGP graphics on that system. You can try using the Blender in the Gamekit. Apparently after 2.25 is where they did something that slowed it to a crawl except on high end systems. I haven’t had a TNT for about 8 or 10 years now I think. I’ve got an Nvidia 8x AGP, but it’s one of their crippled varieties, and it just barely holds it own.

The Game kit games should run nice and fast if you play them with the Blender that comes with the book.

The games might not be 100% compatible with more recent versions of Blender.

They are still great reference though even if a little out of date.


use 2.24 or 2.25 with the publisher key for the .blends that came with the gamekit